Since Henrik and Dirk first met in Morocco in 1996, they worked together on numerous productions as freelancers. They completed several films together, among others The Floating World Of Kashmir in 2012 and Jamming Addis in 2014.


Henrik is a member of the German Association of Cinematographers (BVK) and lives in Hamburg with his two sons.

HENRIK has a long experience with camerawork on feature and documentary films. Since he began his career at the Bavaria Film Lab in 1992, he went through all technical departments including electricians, grip and 1st AC. His decade-long collaboration (1999 to 2008) alongside award-winning DP Judith Kaufman imparted him extensive knowledge about composition and framing, lighting and camera dramaturgy.


Henrik believes that cameras are never to be 'visible' during filming or play a role in the image composition. Instead, a camera is the tool to preserve precious moments and emotions of interesting people, possibly allowing a glimpse into their world. Henrik considers his camera as a piece of technology without a soul, while it is the DP’s work to seize those moments and transform them into stories.

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