Based a true story, MIRKOGNA follows Fre, a politically naïve young woman who falls in love with a resistance fighter and for the first time finds sense in her life when she joins the student movement against the brutal regime that took over Ethiopia in the 1970s and wiped out an entire generation of young men and women. When she is captured, Fre is confronted with the ultimate choice between sacrifice and survival.

MIRKOGNA dives into a world where for the young protagonist and her friends, love, money, career, family and personal needs come second - what comes first is revolution. Students as young as sixteen live like spies, dressing up, jumping from roofs, hiding in tunnels and forests, communicating with codes and developing extraordinary discipline. Identified by the regime as the biggest threat, they know one false move can end their lives, yet enjoy every second of it with the absolute passion of who just begins to discover it in all its beauty - and horror.

MIRKOGNA is an adaptation of Konjit Birhan's homonymous novel, and based on the writer's personal experiences during the era of the “Red Terror”. Since its publication, the novel has been internationally acclaimed as a universal story of love, passion and self-finding, about making choices and personal sacrifices. It is a story about the struggle to remain a being human even when the world ends.

As OutreMer's first drama feature film, MIRKOGNA is a challenging production. With its timeless themes and epic story, it is destined to become an "arthouse blockbuster".


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