Since then, MICHAEL has worked as a film and media manager - or as a firefighter if production threatens to go up in flames - for many production companies, including X-Filme Creative Pool, UFA Cinema and teamWorx.


From 2007 he is an independent media manager - and now with OutreMer Film.

Films live from strong ideas and their exciting implementation. However, it is often project management and financial planning that determine success or failure.


This is where MICHAEL comes in, to support OutreMer in the operational and financial process. With his more than 20 years of experience, he ensures reliable implementation of realistic project planning.


When his parents told him "get a solid job", MICHAEL was looking for something exciting. Parents often have the longer lever, so he did his training in administration and banking business. But then he went abroad, spent five years in Asia, North Africa and Southern Europe in tourism administration and finances. Then came the first offer as a managing director with a production company in Berlin.

mv [ at ] outremerfilm.com