The ancient French word outremer meant the lands "on the other side of the ocean", or those countries that today we call the Levant. It was also synonymous to a longing for far away places and mankind's fascination with "going beyond" one's own horizon. It is with this etymology that OutreMer perfectly caters the boldest imagination of our partners and clients - and our own aspiration.

"OutreMer" according to the Merriam Webster online Dictionary is pronounced, ˈuːtɹəmɛː or roughly "oo-tr-mare"

"OutreMer" was also the title of Dirk van den Berg’s first screenplay. Spurred by his mentor, Italian writer Andrea Camilleri, back in 1993 Dirk received one of the MEDIA program’s first “European Script Funds” as a screenwriter. Set in 18th century Italy, "OutreMer" is the story of a Sicilian prince who anticipates the French revolution by half a century: a freedom drama, an epic love story and a steampunk phantasy.

ˈuːtɹəmɛː is OUTREMER